• "da Vinci"

    Developed by NASA to perform the most difficult surgery and to be carried out safely.
  • TRUEBEAM STx for the tumors treatment

    More effective results in a shorter period with high dose radiation!

    For the Treatment of Brain Tumors
  • Rapidarc

    To combat cancer using “Volumetric Intensity Modulated Arc Treatment” technology
  • CyberKnife, first and only robotic radiosurgical system

    Designed to treat cancer throughout the body with millimetric precision
  • Trilogy

    Linear Accelerator (LINAC) which contains IGRT, IMRT and SRT/SRC which are three separate methods of radiotherap
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Gamma Knife Perfexion

Brain tumors treatment with GAMMA KNIFE PERFEXION 

Contrary to some other techniques used in radio surgery, Gama Knife is better because:

Its precision is unmatchable

Superb tech characteristics provide 0.3 mm precision

Great efficiency

Huge number of scientifically related articles about Gama Knife has been published.

Many centers use it.

It is in use in approximately 300 centers throughout the globe.

Showed its usefulness from 1968 until nowadays.

For quite a long now, this great method is being employed in radio surgery.

It has proven itself since 1968.

For quite a long now, this great method is being employed in radio surgery.

Gamma Knife represents a role model for all the other methods in radio surgery.


With no blood and no pain, the patient can safely get back home just a couple of hours after the procedure, thanks to innovative tech of Gamma Knife. At first, radio surgery was employed by L. Leksell and represents specific technique that directs lots of radioactive rays that are safe for tissue of the brain, to a point of disease inside the skull and change it by focusing on that point and with great radiation specifically pointed towards this area.

More about Gamma Knife

Method in radio surgery, Gamma Knife, was firstly done in 1968. Since it has became clear that its use brings great therapeutic benefits to patients, usage of this technique spread fast. More than 300 medical centers can confirm the use of Gamma Knife. In 2012, statistical data showed that Gamma Knife method helped treat more than half a million patients all over the world. This unique device is the most precise way to treat brain tumors, currently present.

As a golden standard in radio surgery, Gamma Knife Perfexion (new Gamma Knife model), provides even better precision, makes treatment procedure shorter, with less pain and with no open surgery whatsoever. At the same time, patients feel comfortable and convenient. Planning of the treatment is easy for specialists thanks to advanced computer program.

Gamma Knife treatment advantages

  • There is a big possibility that open surgery won't be needed
  • Just a couple of harmful effects
  • No general anesthesia required
  • Couple of hours after the treatment, patients can return home
  • No period of recovery
  • Head is incision intact
  • No need for cutting hair
  • Just a little discomfort followed by fantastic benefits
  • Possibility of fast returning to work
  • Price, because it is not as expensive as other treatment methods
  • Only a little bit of radiation is applied to brain tissue