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    Comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services by highest calibre health care professionals.
    About Acıbadem
  • Acıbadem Quality

    Highest quality medical and surgical care to all patients.
  • Acıbadem International

    Integrated healthcare services network.
  • Highest quality medical and surgical care to all patients.

    Highest quality medical and surgical care to all patients
  • internationally accredited Hospitals group

    Internationally accredited Hospitals group
  • Acıbadem International

    leading healthcare institution.
    Acıbadem International
  • Acıbadem International

    leading healthcare institution.
    Leading healthcare institution
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About Acibadem

Since its existence, more precisely 1991, Acibadem has become top provider of healthcare services in Turkey. What we provide are top notch treatment and diagnostic services by having some of the best healthcare professionals at our disposal, comprehensive medical technology, vigorous infrastructure and also, JCI* accredited medical care standards.

Currently, we are operating in 11 outpatient clinics and 16 hospitals with complete service. Out stuff makes about 6500 support persons, 3500 nurses and approximately 2200 physicians. By offering our services outside of general hospitals, Acibadem is an integrated network of health care services: Acibadem Project Management designs, builds and supplies with equipment turn-key hospital projects abroad and in Turkey.

TPA** services together with life and health insurance are also provided by Acibadem Insurance. Ambulance and tele-medicine services, conventional emergency evacuation, healthcare services at remote industrial sites, on the road, in office or at home are all provided by Acibadem Mobile. All size hospitals are supplied with Acibadem facility management for dealing with laundry, catering and cleaning.

The greatest palette of laboratory services such as stem cell, genetics, cord-blood banking and pathology are being provided by Acibadem Labs. Through administrative schools, nursing and medical faculty, education and training of next generations of professionals in health care, Acibadem University is very devoted to taking care of Group’s sector of medicine. IHH is one of the greatest global networks, and Acibadem is now a part of it.

From January 2012, Acibadem is a part of International Healthcare Holdings, which was established by Malaysian family Khazanah, Turkish family Aydinlar and Japanese family Mitsui. IHH is running a large network of clinics and hospitals in China, India, Brunei, Singapore and Malaysia, under brands such as Apollo, Parkway and Pantai, and also running the International Medical University of Malaysia. IHH represents the largest healthcare company number two, looking at the market capitalization, and since July 2012, it is listed at Singapore and Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchages. As for the growth plans, IHH is expanding towards Balkans, Middle East, Ex-Soviet coutries, South-East Asia and Indo-China.

For the most complex and the toughest to take treatments, that demand huge experience and the most advanced technology, Acibadem is a definite reference. With 10 Heartcare (cardiac surgery and adult and pediatric cardiology), 5 Cancer (chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy), 5 Transplant (bone-marrow, kidney, liver), 1 Sports Medicine, 3 Spine and Joints, 3 Robotic and 6 nuclear surgery centers, Acibadem is serving patients with the most advanced technology present as well as the best physicians, and because of that, it is both nationally and internationally reckoned